Meet the Artist - Tiggy Ticehurst

What brought you to your art?

Money [laughs], no it wasn’t money. It couldn’t be money, you’d be a stockbroker if you wanted money. I think [painting] was something I always wanted. I always liked, the idea of art but I didn’t have any idea where to start.

I had visual skills as a kid, visual and spatial skills so I liked to put things together, that probably came from my mother’s side, but I had no formal training, it was just something I could do.

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Meet the Artist - Special Philip SHALAM in 13 questions

I like emptiness. I like a city that is bustling and I like to show it empty. I find it exciting to show NY quiet. There is a scene in Vanilla Sky where the hero is on Times Square and there isn’t anybody there, I found that so exciting when I first saw it, I thought this is a place that is bustling during the day and you caught a moment when it is empty and it is fantastic. That is why I like going out at 5 in the morning and capturing photos at that time. The City (in London) on a Sunday morning is the only time I am really going to see it empty. But the buildings are alive. The picture is alive.

I belong to an empty city. It is mine. I like to think of myself as a nomad and empty places allow me that. Everywhere is yours when it is empty and you belong everywhere.”

Philip Shalam in 13 Questions

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This week, Photo Image Gallery invites you to meet Syrian born artist Adnan Samman in an open conversation on his art, his inspirations and his worldviews. Adnan currently lives between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He uses his works, confronting 19th and 21st century, mixing cityscapes with orientalist paintings, has earned him, to tell today’s stories.

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