Sabyl Ghoussoub



From a mother born in Lebanon and a father in Ghana, Sabyl grew up in Paris under the strong influence of a mama from Cape Verde.

Sabyl's atypical course, led him to follow Fashion Studies, before moving on to Law School, followed by theatre classes where his main interest lay in directing, rather than acting.

In 2011, he became director of the Lebanese Film Festival in Beirut.

Since 2015, he has switched his focus on photography and writing. He writes for various publications, both on and off-line such as Orient XXI, Agenda Culturel and Tamyras.

His photos and photo-reportages have been published in l'Oeil de la Photographie, the Guardian, Art Paper as well as Fotografia Magazine. He also keeps a blog with co-writer Laura Schwartz on the French magazine, Liberation.

He is currently preparing a photo book with the Lebanese publishing house Tamyras and has published his first novel, "Le Nez Juif".

He spends his time between Paris and Batroun.


Your favourite virtue? Generosity

Your favourite qualities in man? Generosity

Your favourite qualities in woman? Generosity

Your favourite occupation? Dancing

Your idea of happiness? The sea

Your idea of misery? Losing them

Your favourite colour? Yellow

What is your favorite bird? The rare bird

What is your favorite flower? Salt flower

Where would you like to live? Lebanon

Your favourite prose authors? Romain Gary, Ernest Hemingway and Yaşar Kemal

Your favourite poets? Nazim Hikmet, Francis Bebey and Hâfez

Your favourite painters? Chagall, Basquiat, Angelo Morbelli and William Bouguereau

Your favourite heroes in real life? Samir Kassir

Your favourites heroines in real life? Asmahan

Your favourite heroes in fiction? Solal, Saeed the Pessoptimist, Bené and Ali ibn Abi Talib

Your favourites heroines in fiction? My mother and the Virgin Mary

Your favourite names? Azad, Ceylan and Leyla

What is it you most dislike? Avarice

What characters in history do you most dislike? God

The military event I admire the most? Lay down weapons

How I wish to die? As fast as Ayrton Senna

What is your present state of mind? Tonton du bled

Your favourite motto? La pasta in casa, si mangia al dente