Elephant Watching

Elephant Bird.jpg
Elephant Bird.jpg

Elephant Watching

from 300.00

Original photos, signed and numbered by Brussels based Street Art photographer AleXS

Printed on Baryte Paper

Limited edition of 30.

Each photo is available in 3 different sizes

20 x 25 cm 

40 x 50 cm 

80 x 100 cm

All our photos and prints are printed on an Epson SureColor P-20000 Series, with long-lasting UltraChrome K3 pigment inks (100 to 200 years) ensuring high resistance to UV's and humidity.

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Brick Lane, London (2016) by Fanakapan

"Fanakapan started painting on the streets in 2000 around Bournemouth and Bristol following his studies at art school and finding its roots in the skate culture he was immersed in at the time." 

His Elephants are part of the series which marked the artist's first in London featuring Fanakapan’s full on shift to the monochrome opaque balloons as subjects.