Doux Jésus (Sweet Jesus) Dyptich 1

La Cène (Le dernier souper)_v2.jpg
La Cène (Le dernier souper)_v2.jpg

Doux Jésus (Sweet Jesus) Dyptich 1


Year: 2016

Origin: France

Edition: 7

Signed: Certificate of Authenticity

Size: 230 x 100 cm

Frame: no

Condition: New

Other: All our photos and prints are realized on an Epson SureColor P-20000 Series, with long-lasting UltraChrome K3 pigment inks (100 to 200 years) ensuring high resistance to UV's and humidity.

Sweet Jesus -Doux Jésus

In this Dyptich, Sabyl stages the Cena and the aftermath, but instead of Jesus and the apostles, we find terrorists and their victim.

How did you get the idea of staging the Last Supper with a group of terrorists?

Last 12 November, Beirut was bleeding; on the next day, Paris bled too. It was too much for me to take. I had the impression of being attacked from all sides. I still remember the days that followed the Paris massacres – everyone was wordless and inactive, but me, I was full of energy. I couldn’t stop walking in the streets of Paris, I needed to understand, to see people reflect and meditate, to start living again. For two days, I wondered what to do, then the idea for this diptych came to my mind on the 15th. By the 20th, the image was on my computer. It was a childish reaction, as is often the case in my work. Instead of insulting the perpetrators of the attacks, I was making a photo.

Interview taken from fotoroom

Sabyl Ghoussoub, a modern Renaissance Man, who spends his time between Paris and Batroun.

He became director of the Lebanese Film Festival in Beirut in 2011. Since 2015, he has switched his focus on photography and writing. He writes for various publications, both on and off-line such as Orient XXI, Agenda Culturel and Tamyras. As of 2018 he has created his blog with co-writer Laura Schwartz on the French magazine, Liberation. He is currently preparing a photo book with the Lebanese publishing house Tamyras and has published his first novel, "Le Nez Juif".

His photos and photo-reportages have been published in l'Oeil de la Photographie, the Guardian, Art Paper as well as Fotografia Magazine.

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