Calling Card (1967)

Calling Card Tomi Ungerer 1967.jpg
Calling Card Tomi Ungerer 1967.jpg

Calling Card (1967)



Very rare poster by Tomi Ungerer

Linen Backed

60x71 cm

Mint Condition

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In the late 60’s Tomi Ungerer moves to new offices on 42nd street, Mahattan’s red Light district. As is common then, he sends all his friends and acquaintances a card with his new details. Except, he is Tomi, and true to his style and biting sense of humour he does not send a regular card but a neatly folded poster that opens showing him smiling and happily waving from an opened door situated between a woman’s open legs. A rebirth of sorts and a wink to the women working in his new neighbourhood.

What Tomi probably does not know then is that his heydays in the US are already counted at the time, and his phenomenal success will be matched only by his quick demise.

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