tiggy ticehurst



Born in England in 1965,Tiggy experiences many family challenges in his early childhood: the divorce of his parents, time in children's home, frequent moves, and homelessness. Following his mother's remarriage, Tiggy's life begins to settle down as his new father embraces him as his own. 
At 16, Tiggy leaves for London, where he works in real estate before heading for Paris. where he will stay for 11 years. There he will work in real estate and advertising, while finding time to paint and sculpt. His taste for travel takes him to exotic locations. One of them, St Bart's, where he lives for a while and where he meets English artist, Bill Barrell, who encourages him to try New York City. Tiggy will spend the next 20 years of his life in New York and pursue a successful career with his Art. 

Tiggy has just moved back to Paris.


"For me, painting is one of the only internal learning processes for the brain that has little to do with right from wrong and contains no barriers. Painting is a process that opens up inner thoughts and stimulates the senses, cleansing and reorganizing the mind and fine-tuning discrimination. My work is a collection of subjects culled from conscious and sub-conscious memories expressed through shapes, composition and color. Many of which focus on childhood fears, abandonment, family values and intense emotions. My objective is the study of my inner-self, which is achieved through the deep introspection experienced while painting."